Combo Forks

TracMac’s new combination bale forks are designed and constructed  to suit today’s farming needs.


  • Heavy Duty 6mm main box beam with 5x Conus 2 sleeves, strategically placed to suit both round and square bales.
  • 4mm RHS extra high frame and wide back helps protect the loader and operator from objects.
  • Extra strengthening plates and a protection rail fitted for your loader locking system.
  • The forks frames are finished off with a high quality two pack paint.

Optional double bale fork attachment with easy quick change system (for SB1 forks only)

Other custom built attachments also available.

SB1 – Combination Forks for Round and Large Square Bales
DB2 – Suitable for Carrying Two Round Bales or Large Square Bales
SB1 – with Double Bale Fork Attachment
3PTL – Double Bale Forks

The combination forks make a fast and efficient way of transporting bales from the paddock

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