TracMac’s Fencing Buddy

The portable work station for all your fencing needs!

Designed to be carried on front or rear set of bale forks, this portable work station will greatly assist you with all your fencing maintenance and construction needs.

The Fencing Buddy feature large storage areas to carry treated pine and steel posts, spare rolls of wire, fencing tools and materials. The two adjustable side extension arms will hold and run out the wires from either side.
Statically placed tool holders for your hand tools, shovels and crowbars are all in easy to reach positions and there’s are large storage boxes to hold small fencing components
The large platform storage area with raised sides allows you to carry additional materials, components and other tools with you to your job and move them to where they are needed.  
The quick and easy drop and go system let’s you place the fencing buddy were its needed, then allows you to use the forks to carry larger items around the site. 
When finished, the Fencing Buddy becomes your fencing components storage system. It  can be easily placed in the corner of the shed ready to grab for the next time.

Optional extras
– Addition material storage boxes
– Plain wire spinner
– Cyclone / mesh wire un-roller attachment

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